Ghee Prasad Ayurveda Organic Ghee (Clarified Butter)

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Made through a process of boiling butter to remove milk-solids, Ghee is a clarified form of butter that contains fewer allergy-inducing milk products than regular butter, and so is ideal for those with mild sensitivity to milk.

Product Notes:

Traditional in India, Ghee contains essential fatty acids and has many health-promoting effects including improved digestion, and lubricating connective tissue. Ghee is free of impurities found in regular butter, and its antioxidant effects help to boost the immune system. Its stability at high temperatures makes it an ideal cooking oil, and it has an unrivalled aroma and taste.

When regular dairy butter undergoes a long, slow clarification process that removes all of the moisture, milk solids and impurities from it, the resulting product is known as Ghee, or clarified butter. According to Ayurvedic Medicine, Ghee has many healing properties: it aids the digestive system; helps the eyes and skin; lubricates joints and improves flexibility; improves the absorption of not only nutrients but also medicinal herbs; promotes energy and vitality; and balances all 3 of the doshas (especially Pitta and Vata). It's also lactose free; rich in Vitamin A and Butyric Acid; replete with Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids in an ideal 1.5:1 ratio; and able to withstand heat up to 480ºF, which makes it an excellent cooking oil.

And to get the healthiest ghee, it's essential to make it from organic butter, since any environmental toxins that might be present in the milk tend to bind to and remain in the fat molecules in the cream that makes up the butter. Hence, the dairy cows in the small Canadian farms which supply the cream are provided humane living conditions and are not given growth hormones, antibiotics, or genetically modified supplemental feed; this is made from 100% Canadian organic butter, which is free of herbicide and pesticide residue.


* All the healing qualities of regular butter, without the impurities.
* Contains omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.
* Rich in natural phenolic antioxidants, which boost immune system and prevent free radical damage.
* Has anti-inflammatory properties which lubricate connective tissues and promote flexibility.
* Reduces stomach acid, protects and restores stomach lining.
* Promotes absorption of nutrients, especially lipid-soluble ones.
* Has short and medium chain fatty acids that are easily metabolized by the liver, so are more unlikely to be converted to body fat.
* Contain antimicrobial butyric acid, a good source of vitamin A.
* Acts as a tonic, by reinforcing good microflora, and nourishing critical tissues to make them healthier and more supple.
* Invigorates the brain and nervous system.

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